Fort Lewis Soldier’s Death Judged “Suicide by Cop”

Family, Friends Don’t Understand Death of Trent Thorp
Recently back from Afghanistan, father of two shot himself in the head before pointing gun at police

by Stacia Glenn
The News Tribune, Nov. 15, 2011

Trent Thorp was a simple man with a simple life.

He liked to spend the days with a fishing rod in his hand and the nights cracking open a six-pack beside a bonfire. He worked hard and dedicated himself to serving his country and providing for his family.

Those who knew the 32-year-old soldier described him as a kind-hearted, loving man who doted on his daughters and elicited smiles wherever he went.

He was sweet, thoughtful, simple. A what-you-see is what-you-get kind of guy.

Thorp’s death – sitting partially upright in the street, fumbling with a gun as four Lakewood police officers shouted commands at him – was more complex.

His family and friends are struggling with shock, grief and unanswered questions about what drove such an easygoing man to leave his own Halloween party and walk down the street to shoot himself in the head.

Fort Lewis soldier Trent Thorp shot himself, then pointed gun at police who opened fire. He had recently returned home from Afghanistan

No one knows for sure, but those closest to him believe an increasingly difficult life caught up to him after an evening of drinking. Some refuse to believe Thorp tried to commit suicide before police arrived and fired nine shots into him.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord said the 26-year-old had arrived at the base in early October. Neighbors told The News Tribune Thorp had recently returned from Afghanistan and lived with his fiancee and two children.

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2 Responses

  1. Well you made some errors to your post. First you say ue was 32 yrs old then you say he was 26 yrs old. I personally knew consierdering i deployed with him. And there is no way that he would even think about suicide. And his wife made no comment to anyone.

  2. anyone else wonder how he shot himself in the head BEFORE he pointed a gun at police?

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