Marine Corps Suicide Attempts Soar in 2012

Marine Corps Reports One Suicide in March, 10th of the Year

51 suicide attempts in 2012 on pace to eclipse last year’s 172 Marines who tried to kill themselves

by Mark Walker
NC Times, April 9, 2012

One Marine took his own life in March while 19 others attempted suicide, according to the service’s latest report.

The March suicide raises the total for the year to 10. The service does not report the place where troops’ suicides occur.

The 19 reported attempted suicides raises that number for the year to 51, a pace that if continued in the next nine months would rise to more than 200.

That compares with 171 suicide attempts reported in 2011 and 172 in 2010, according to Marine Corps statistics. This year’s 10 suicides compare with 33 recorded in 2011 and a record 52 in 2009. All of the 2012 self-inflicted deaths have come from enlisted ranks.

The Marine Corps has instituted widespread efforts to train troops about combat and relationship stress and how to recognize and reach out for help.

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