20-Year-Old Found Dead on Colorado Army Post Had Recently Returned From Combat Tour in Afghanistan

Army Spokesman Says County Coroner Ruled Fort Carson Soldier’s Death an Accidental Alcohol Poisoning

Jakob Rodgers
The Gazette, April 12, 2012

A 20-year-old Fort Carson soldier who was eulogized at a memorial service earlier this month died of alcohol poisoning, an autopsy found.

Pfc. Ricky Shaw had a blood alcohol content of .388 when he died on March 24, according to the El Paso County Coroner’s Office. His death was ruled an accident by Daniel Lingamfelter, a forensic pathologist.

Few details have been released by Fort Carson officials surrounding the death. The incident happened on Fort Carson while Shaw was off duty, said Lt. Col. Steve Wollman, a post spokesman. His death remains under investigation.

Pfc. Ricky Shaw, Fort Carson soldier returned from combat assignment in Afghanistan in December, was found dead on base March 24. The county coroner said Shaw had a blood alcohol content of .388.

Shaw served with the 2nd Special Troops Battalion of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team in the 4th Infantry Division and he deployed with the brigade to Afghanistan for about seven months, according to Fort Carson records.

He returned in December along with more than 500 other soldiers in the brigade, Wollman said.

His death came a week before he was slated to leave the Army for a job in South Carolina, said friends during the memorial service.

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  1. This is my brother….. You’ll people still owe us his pictures but you’ll talking bout its so graphic… So??? Let us see how graphic these damn pics is… We know he ain’t gone suicide his self either so you’ll better say wtf is going on???

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