Airman Who Barricaded Himself in Clearwater Beach Hotel Found Dead of Apparent Self-Inflicted Gunshot

Mother of Air Force Tech Sergeant Says Her Son Had Countless War Zone Deployments, Chest Full of Medals; Military Told Her he Was AWOL

by Kameel Stanley
Tampa Bay Times, April 15, 2012

CLEARWATER — Carolyn Foreman last spoke to her son around Christmas.
Jesse J. Foreman, a 36-year-old Air Force technical sergeant, called to thank his mom for the cookies and treats she’d sent.

Tech. Sergeant Jesse J. Foreman, airman from Grants, NM had at least three Afghanistan tours and one to Iraq. Foreman shot himself fatally April 12, 2012 inside a Clearwater Beach, Florida hotel.

On Thursday, the military called to say Jesse Foreman had gone AWOL, his mother said. On Friday, Clearwater police and Air Force personnel tried to make contact with the serviceman, who had barricaded himself inside a Clearwater Beach hotel room.

Jesse Foreman shot and killed himself before authorities could get inside.

“It’s unbelievable,” Carolyn Foreman said Saturday from her home in Grants, N.M., where Jesse Foreman grew up. “I’m not aware of all the facts myself.”

Authorities went to the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites, 521 S Gulfview Blvd., on Friday evening after getting reports that the armed and suicidal serviceman was in Room 262. Some hotel guests were evacuated and beachgoers gathered nearby.

Air Force officials were trying to communicate with him when at least one shot was fired from inside at about 7:20 p.m., a police spokeswoman said. Officers called for guns and shields and took up tactical positions around the hotel. They found Foreman dead when they entered about an hour later.

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2 Responses

  1. Why did the military and/or police wait “one” hour to get to Jesse? When they heard the shot, they should have already been in position to get in to Jesse’s room, and “maybe,” just maybe his life could have been saved with immediate medical attention. 1 HOUR!!!!! One precious soul and a multitude of law enforcement.

    • It is not out of neglect, but rather procedure and safety to everyone else involved in the situation. There is no way for them to guarantee whether it is a shot from him taking his life or a warning shot for police to keep out of the room. They have to set up tactfully in order to get in and minimize the risks to not only themselves but the community as a whole. Jesse was my friend and coworker, and he will be dearly missed….

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