Fort Bragg Soldier Accused in Toolbox Theft, Fatally Shoots His Battalion Commander Before Turning Gun on Himself

A Fort Bragg soldier facing court-martial punishment and possible discharge for an alleged toolbox theft, pulled a pistol and shot to death LtCol. Roy L. Tisdale June 28, 2012 during a pre-holiday safety brief aboard the North Carolina Army post. Tisdale, a Fort Bragg battalion commander, is pictured above second from left marching in a Sept. 23 ceremony. The soldier accused of Tisdale’s murder turned his pistol on himself after hitting Tisdale at least five times. The shooter was a subordinate member of the slain officer’s command and is not expected to survive. A report in the Los Angeles Times said he had served as a member of Tisdale’s personal security detail during a recent deployment to Afghanistan. (DoD)

Family Friends Identify Slain Fort Bragg Soldier as Lt. Col. Roy L. Tisdale

by Drew Brooks
The Fayetteville Observer, June 29, 2012

Spc. Ricky G. Elder, Fort Bragg Soldier Who Shot Commander, Dies

UPDATE: June 30, 2012

A Fort Bragg battalion commander who was shot and killed Thursday afternoon has been identified by family friends as Lt. Col. Roy L. Tisdale.

Tisdale was killed during a unit safety briefing in a field near the Bastogne Gables neighborhood on Fort Bragg.

Ricky G. Elder

LtCol. Roy L. Tisdale

Fort Bragg officials have not identified Tisdale or the soldier who opened fire during the briefing before turning the weapon on himself.

A third soldier who was wounded has been identified as Spc. Michael E. Latham, Fort Bragg officials said Friday.

All three were assigned to the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, according to Fort Bragg.

Latham, a signal support system specialist, was treated at Womack Army Medical Center for minor, non-life-threatening injuries and released.

Latham, 22, is a Vacaville, Calif., native who joined the Army in October 2009.

The shooter is in critical condition and is in custody, Fort Bragg officials said.

The remaining identifications will be released “consistent with Department of Defense policies following next-of-kin notification,” according to a news release from Fort Bragg. A Fort Bragg spokesman said he could not say why there was a delay in naming those involved in the shooting, which occurred about 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

Family friends and former colleagues described Tisdale as a family man who deserved to be known for more than just the rank he wore.

Tisdale was commander of the 525th Brigade Support Battalion.

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2 Responses

  1. Being charged is not the same as being found guilty. If something is under your control and it comes up missing, many times it is a statement of charges only. If the tools were for weapons then charges possibly could be filed. If he was not guilty and felt doomed, he may have decided to give them a reason to find him guilty of something everybody witnessed. I am not going to judge him for anything. That will be up to our maker.

  2. RIP Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale. This is over a tool box? The US Army gives away or destroys billions of dollars worth of government property and three people get shot over a toolbox? The entire chain of command needs to be relieved of duty for cause.

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