Fort Drum Leaders Send “Urgent Need” Request For Contractor Mental Health Clinic for Soldiers, Families

Fort Drum Presses for Off-Post Mental Health Care Options

by Gordon Block
Watertown Daily Times, Aug. 25, 2012

FORT DRUM — Citing an urgent need for additional mental-health treatment options at the post’s Guthrie Army Health Center, the Department of the Army and the Army’s Medical Command are soliciting civilian partners for an off-post Behavioral Health Satellite Clinic.

Fort Drum’s top officer, MGen. Mark Milley, is a Princeton graduate who holds two masters degrees, served in five wars from Panama to Afghanistan and has at least 50 combat medals and service awards during his amazing Army career. The highly-accomplished and respected Army leader has taken the extraordinary step of sending out an “urgent needs” request for help from civilian contractors to establish an off-base mental health clinic to take care of the nearly 20,000 soldiers he commands at Fort Drum. Milley is shown above with one of his deputy officers, BGen. Richard Clarke, at right, and an unidentified soldier, at Clarke’s promotion ceremony from colonel to one-star general Aug. 10 at Fort Drum. DoD announced Aug. 24 that nearly 3,000 soldiers from Fort Drum will return to fight in Afghanistan this year. (DoD)

According to the solicitation, released Aug. 17, the clinic would provide outpatient treatment to the post’s approximately 19,000 active-duty service members, offering care such as screenings and crisis counseling, education programs for patients and family members, and medication management.

A post medical command spokesperson was not able to comment on the solicitation Friday.

The plans call for a contractor to lease clinic space, which would be ideally located within 10 to 20 minutes driving distance from the post’s 24-hour North Gate off of Route 11. The clinic will have a minimum of 10 offices, a conference room and a space for video teleconferences.

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