Romney Silent on Veterans Suicide Epidemic, Beats Offensive War Drum Loudly at VFW Conference

TRANSCRIPT: Mitt Romney’s Remarks at VFW National Convention

by Mitt Romney, July 24, 2012

BLOGBACK: During Mitt Romney’s speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in Reno, Nevada, July 24, 2012, he remained silent on one of the most pressing issues affecting veterans and their families — 6,800 veteran suicides every year. Romney also avoided any mention of veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI. It leaves to question Romney’s level of concern for ending the ongoing suicide epidemic among military members and veterans, as well as his commitment to care for the men and women suffering from “unseen wounds.” Romney’s failure to confront these very critical issues in his speech very likely reflects a businessman’s mindset that views suicide prevention and expenditures for treatment of nueropsychiatric injuries as not-for-profit industries.

“Thank you. Commander Richard DeNoyer, I appreciate the introduction, and I’m proud to see a combat veteran from Massachusetts serving as National Commander of the VFW.

Ladies Auxiliary President Gwen Rankin, incoming National Commander John Hamilton, incoming Ladies Auxiliary President Leanne Lemley, Adjutant General Allen “Gunner” Kent, Executive Director Bob Wallace, distinguished guests and members of the VFW: Thank you for your generous welcome.

I want to start today with a few words about the unimaginable tragedy in Colorado last week. We’ve since learned that among the victims were four people who had served – or were serving – our country in uniform.

Today, our hearts go out to the families of John Larimer of the U.S. Navy; Rebecca Wingo, an Air Force veteran; Jesse Childress, an Army veteran and member of the Air Force reserve; and Jonathan Blunk, a Navy veteran who died shielding his girlfriend from the spray of bullets.

— Mitt Romney, on veterans suicide epidemic during speech at annual VFW convention July 24, 2012

The loss of four Americans who served our country only adds to the profound tragedy of that day. All Americans are grateful for their service and deeply saddened by their deaths. We mourn them and we will remember them.

The VFW is now over two million strong. It has a special place in America’s heart. Some of you fought recently, in Iraq or Afghanistan. Others are old enough to have marched, flown, or sailed by orders of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Whatever your age, whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, whenever you served – there’s one thing you have in common: You answered the call of your country in a time of war.

From December 7th, 1941 to September 11, 2001, whenever America has been tested, you stepped forward. You come from our farms, our great cities, our small towns and quiet neighborhoods.

Many of you have known violence so that your neighbors could only know peace. You have done more than protect America; your courage and service defines America.

You are America at our best and it is an honor to address you.

Our veterans are part of a proud tradition that stretches back to the battlefields at Lexington and Concord – and now to places like Fallujah and Kandahar.

Year after year, our men and women in uniform have added proud achievements to their record of service.

And President Obama pointed to some of them yesterday in his speech.

Read the full transcript of Mitt Romney’s speech:


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  1. Romney is a scammer…a predator and will say whatever he can to be elected, all deceit, lies with no plan to govern.

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