PARADISE LOST: Navy Housing Contractor Seeks to Evict Pearl Harbor Sailor and His Family Due to Suicide Ideations

Police Standoff has Hawaii Navy Family Facing Eviction

by William Cole
The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Aug. 29, 2012

HONOLULU — An 18-year Navy man, his wife and their three children — one of whom is autistic — are being kicked out of their Forest City military housing because the sailor was stressed, threatened to take his life inside his home, and caused a 12-hour standoff with police before he was taken into custody, the man’s wife said.

The private contractor Forest City has served eviction papers to an 18-year Navy family living in the Radford Terrace Navy housing community on Oahu, Hawaii, reportedly because he suffered a mental breakdown and became suicidal. Police dispatched SWAT members to Chad and Melissa Carter’s home on Aug. 14 after his wife learned her husband might be suicidal. Carter, 36, is a sonar technician on the destroyer USS Chung-Hoon based at Pearl Harbor. With the help of police, he was taken to Tripler Army Medical Center and admitted for treatment and is undergoing a 4-week program for PTSD his wife said. The couple has three children.

“I am horrified that Forest City is trying to remove my family from military housing because they did not like the police in the neighborhood when I called thinking my husband might harm himself,” said Melissa Carter.

“Suicide is a huge problem in the military right now, so I was shocked that my trying to get my husband help for what is quite possibly a military-related mental break is being treated so callously by private housing.”

The action raises the question as to privatized military housing operator responsibilities at a time when military stress is rising and well-documented.

Chad Carter, a 36-year-old sonar technician on the destroyer USS Chung-Hoon, was admitted to Tripler Army Medical Center’s psychiatric ward after the incident and will be in a civilian post-traumatic stress center for at least four weeks, his wife said.

The incident happened Aug. 14 in Radford Terrace housing.

Suicide is a huge problem in the military right now, so I was shocked that my trying to get my husband help for what is quite possibly a military-related mental break is being treated so callously by private housing — Melissa Carter

On Aug. 17, privatized military housing landlord Forest City sent the Carters a letter saying their month-to-month lease was being terminated and they had 45 days to move out.

A separate barricade situation Thursday in Moanalua Terrace military housing saw a 22-year-old Pearl Harbor sailor armed with a shotgun threaten others before surrendering to police, officials said.

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4 Responses

  1. How many of you have seen the TV ads for pharmaceuticals that say “May have suicidal thoughts”… Who the fuck would take that shit? Right? The military has long been used as Guinee Pigs and now we are seeing the “Untoward side effects” But like a good little soilger and sailor what dont you get about “We are done with you” just go away so we can ruin some more lives with our BIG PHARMA poison!

    • What? Its not the Navy kicking him out, and while we got alot of shots its because we are going into third world regions still suffering from strains that have been eradicated in 1st world countries. Before my last deployment we got a fair amount of shots include small pox vaccine, yellow fever vaccine, dengue vaccine, anthrax immuno booster, and im pretty sure a scarlet fever vaccine with malaria suppessent pills. The information on all those vaccines and drugs are open to public record, of course thats just another conspiracy for you I’ll bet. Blame phamacuticals for luxury drugs getting passed around like candy, I’m willing to bet this sailor wasn’t even perscribed anything since you basicly have to be missing a limb to get anything beyond motrin from Navy medical. Give them credit for curing diseases that are more than capable of wiping out the human population like small pox did in South America, or how yellow fever, malaria, dengue, ebola, and a terrifying list of other infectious diseases still decimate places like Africa, Pacific Islands and South East Asia. Do you know why the average American’s immune system is so powerful compared to most other countries? It is simply because of pharmacuticals developing vaccines that can be administered at birth. Do you even understand how a vaccine operates? You need to get your facts straight and seperate delusions and suspicion from reality. Yeah, they are money hungry greedy corporations that charge an arm and a leg for certain vaccines and required drugs, because they are extremely hard to produce and have short shelf lives. Altruism only gets you so far in the corporate world. Grow up, support this sailor and his family, and realize that it is the civilian contractor who owns the title and contract to the military housing development this happened on. If you are so hard up on attacking someone attack the moron civilians in charge of that development.

  2. what is wrong with people these days.the person must not have any feeling or respect for the service men and woman.if u need any help with anything let me know.I will pray for u until it solved.

  3. This is so wrong, this man has served his country and has PTSD. Evicting his family will not reduce his stress or let him get better. Idiots

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