UNDER INVESTIGATION: Fort Lee Officials Won’t Discuss Four Deaths Suspected as Sucides

Four possible Suicides at Fort Lee Under Investigation

by F.M. Wiggins
Progress-Index.com, Sept. 3, 2012

FORT LEE – Fort Lee could have twice the number of suicides this year compared to last year, according to Department of the Army statistics.

Already this year the post has had four potential suicides – double the number in 2011. Whether or not the deaths of the soldiers were suicides is still under investigation.

Fort Lee soldiers attend memorial services for Spc. David E. Vines, 21, of Beaumont, Texas, July 20, 2012. Vines died July 16 inside his barracks. He is among four soldiers from Fort Lee to die recently of suspected suicides. Officials won’t talk about any of the deaths or release details. (DoD)

In July, two Fort Lee soldiers, Pvt. David E. Vines, 21, of Beaumont, Texas, and 2nd Lt. James Cho, died in the same week – Vines on July 16 and Cho on July 18. Their deaths are still under investigation and officials on post have not said whether the men killed themselves.

Fort Lee officials would not comment on when each of the four potential suicides occurred this year and referred inquiries to the Department of the Army.

The Department of the Army also would not say when they occurred, citing privacy concerns.

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