Marines Unable to Stop Suicide’s Deadly March to New Record; Five More Self-Inflicted Deaths in August

MILITARY: Five Marine Suicides Reported in August

by Mark Walker
North County Times, Sept. 11, 2012

Five Marines took their own lives in August, raising the self-inflicted death toll among troops this year to 39.

2012 is on pace to be the deadliest year on record for Marine suicides. At least 39 active duty Marines have died from suicide in 2012 through the month of August. The number of Marine suicides among those assigned Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve status is unknown and remains unreported. The Marine Corps reported 32 active duty suicides in all of 2011. (DoD)

The suicides this year surpass the 32 reported by the Marine Corps in all of 2011, a trend that a general who heads the service’s suicide prevention program says has to be reversed.

The August report from the Marine Corps also says 12 troops attempted to take their own lives, raising that figure for the year to 128 compared with 163 for all of 2011.

Marine Corps officials who work with the Suicide Prevention Program at the service’s headquarters were not immediately available for comment.

But during an Aug. 30 visit to San Diego’s Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, Brig. Gen. Robert Hedelund stressed that troops need to watch for warning signs among their friends and that those troops having problems need to seek help.

“It is OK not to be OK,” said Hedelund, who oversees Marine and Family Programs from his office in Quantico, Va.

If the monthly pace continues, this year’s self-inflicted toll will exceed a record 52 Marine suicides recorded in 2009.

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