REPORT: DoD Releases Annual Suicide Report for 2011

DoD Publishes 2011 Annual Suicide Report

by Drs. David Luxton, Janyce Osenbach, Mark Reger, Derek Smolenski, Nancy Skopp, Nigel Bush, Gregory Gahm
Department of Defense, Dec. 21, 2012

Read the full report:

Department of Defense Suicide Event Report 2011


2 Responses

  1. After delaying the release of the following report, well past the mid to third week of the month, the Army finally released for publication the CY 2012 Army Suicide totals today. In more instances than not, there will often be an upward # correction to the figures that are given one month, during the next months report which in this case would be mid-Feb. The lack of transparency though of numbers too hard to creatively spin, is disheartening. However, what these figures do confirm for us is that historically, as wars come to an end, and troops come home those are the years that we see severe increases in not just suicides, but in just about every negative mental/spiritual, and moral behavior and condition.

    1 Feb 2013
    Army Releases December 2012 and Calendar Year 2012 Suicide Information

    The Army released suicide data today for the month of December and calendar year 2012.

    Active Duty, including Guard and Reserve on Active Duty:
    • During December, among active-duty soldiers, there were seven potential suicides.
    • For November, the Army reported 12 potential suicides among active-duty soldiers.
    • For 2012, there have been 182 potential active-duty suicides:
    • Active-duty suicide number for 2011: 165.

    • During December, among reserve component soldiers who were not on active duty, there were 15 potential suicides (10 Army National Guard and five Army Reserve)
    • For November, among that same group, the Army reported 15 potential suicides (12 Army National Guard and three Army Reserve)
    • For 2012, there have been 143 potential not on active-duty suicides (96 Army National Guard and 47 Army Reserve)
    • Not on active-duty suicide numbers for 2011: 118 (82 Army National Guard and 36 Army Reserve)
    Total 2012 Army Component Suicides: 325
    Total 2011 Army Component Suicides: 283
    *There are no accurate suicides figures among veterans who served since 9/11, who were no longer in the Guard or Reserves.
    **The VA estimate of between 18 and 22 veteran suicides does not include suicides among veterans qualified to receive VA care but not enrolled, or veterans who served but once discharged were not qualified to receive VA care.

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