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The Military Suicide Report has reached a very difficult and disturbing conclusion regarding the tragic epidemic of suicides among current and former members of the U.S. Armed Services; a conclusion that perhaps is being missed — sadly — by America’s subject matter experts and members of the wider national media. It is deeply painful to suggest what follows, but after so long since offensive military activities began in the Post-9/11 era — and certainly in excess of 50,000 suicide deaths (low estimate) among servicemembers and veterans — I keep returning to the same place. This issue is not about suicide prevention at all. It is a fiscal matter … MONEY. With the average lifetime medical bill for veterans with single diagnosis of PTSD conservatively estimated at $1.5 million, there is a not insignificant economic benefit realized by the American government for each death, by suicide or any other method for that matter. Therefore, I must put forth the suggestion that the reason behind the continued failure to prevent suicides among America’s military members and veterans is very likely a sinister one; nothing more than a simple cost-savings measure. Further, this writer is suggesting that with due diligence and vigorous investigative techniques employed by those who consider themselves professional journalists or government leaders (members of congress) … this hypothesis will be confirmed eventually, and only then may genuine efforts to preserve the precious lives of the young men and women who have served in the seemingly endless wars abroad begin. It is this writer’s greatest hope. Ed. PS: Some readers of TMSR will find the above outlandish, preposerous or even even vulgar. For the record … “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!” The above words are dedicated to the father of Marine Cpl. Julian Andrew Ortiz, who lost his son to suicide Feb. 22, 2013. May peace be with them both, now and forevermore.


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  1. Thank you all for your kind words. Your understanding have eased my broken heart a little. I thank the editor of this blog for indulging me in my rants. This will be my last posting.I will try to always remember my son, Cpl Julian Andrew Ortiz as the happy,daring little boy who always kissed his mother and told her how much he loved her. “Mom, Dad tought me how to be tough, and you tought me how to love” (Julian’s Quotes). I love you Julian. Please visit me whenever you want. Your loving father who misses you so much. Edward Ortiz Sr.

    • You are so welcome sir. Please honor your son’s memory by living your life with love, peace and compassion for the living … and for yourself. Julian may not be here with us in the physical world, as we know it, but surely he is with us. Just remember that … he is not really gone. So you can still love him; it’s just a little different now. Thank you for opening up and sharing your heart here. Please, keep coming back. This community is better with you in it Mr. Ortiz. My grandmother once told me that time is a powerful healer. I could not really understand what she said at that moment, but looking back now, she was so right. Time certainly is a great healer. Day by day, day by day …

  2. May God Bless and Keep You! You have my support!

    • I thank you for your thoughts. My son’s actuall name is Cpl Julian Andrew Ortiz. He was with the 1st Battalion 9th marine weapons division out of camp Lejeune NC.He was an outstanding Marine MachineGunner and a wonderful son.On Feb 22,2013 at @ 14:30 my son decided to walk into the North Carolina woods and blow the top of his head off. I now it sounds Crude, but that is the image I have in my mind for the last month and I will probably go to my grave with it.I was raced an orphan. My wife and my three sons are the only family I have which makes this tragedy so lonely to deal with.Maybe lonelier if I did not have my wife.

    • Today March 25th 2013 after over a month that my boy,CPL Julian Andrew Ortiz has passed away. It was a cold day here, in Charleston South Carolina. So I went in my closet and pulled out a USMC hooded swett shirt my wonderful son gave me for Christmas 2010. My wife and I just broke down and wept uncontrollably . Julian was deployed to Afghanistan on May 2011 until January 27, 2012. Before this he was in Yemon and Abu-Dabey ( who cares about the spelling) .Did he have PTSD? Most likely . Did he have the support group a 23 year old should have that is away from his parent for the first time in his life? NO!!!.He was married to an exstripper, who dumped him the first time she heard he was not reinlisting and a bunch of alcoholic OXY-conden dependant friends, my son did not have a chance. My wife and I mourn and miss our son painfully everyday . We are proud of his service but after all the booze is drunk and all the miles are ridden in his name his mom and I Are still with out a Son!
      Thank You for your input. Edward Ortiz , Sr.

      • Name is corrected. I am sorry for the error.

      • Mr. Ortiz, my family was at the Mass tonight for your son; my son was the blond altar server. We are so sorry for your loss; we will pray for you, and I will pray for your son for the rest of my life. He will not be forgotten. We will especially remember him and your family on Divne Mercy Sunday in two weeks. Peace be with you.

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