New 2013 VA Report Claims at Least 22 Veteran Suicides Every Day (not including California and Texas data)

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*EDITOR’S NOTE(June 1, 2013): It appears the VA has disabled this link and access to the referenced report without explanation. TMSR appologizes for the inconvenience.


Suicide in US Military Rising at Alarming Rate

by PressTV
May 28, 2013

The number of suicide cases among active service members in the US Army is rising at an alarming rate despite efforts made to curb the trend, Press TV reports.

According to a new report, the US military recorded 161 potential suicides in 2013, meaning one suicide about every 18 hours among active duty troops, reservists and National Guard members.

The report noted that US Defense Department, Pentagon, has implemented a number of initiatives in an attempt to decrease the number of suicides.

However, analysts believe that the rate will even increase in the next couple of years as more troops are returning from Afghanistan.

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