Suicide in US Military Rising at Alarming Rate

by PressTV
May 28, 2013

The number of suicide cases among active service members in the US Army is rising at an alarming rate despite efforts made to curb the trend, Press TV reports.

According to a new report, the US military recorded 161 potential suicides in 2013, meaning one suicide about every 18 hours among active duty troops, reservists and National Guard members.

The report noted that US Defense Department, Pentagon, has implemented a number of initiatives in an attempt to decrease the number of suicides.

However, analysts believe that the rate will even increase in the next couple of years as more troops are returning from Afghanistan.

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3 Responses

  1. Americans should not only be alarmed at the increasing rates of suicide among our military but also at the increase of middle aged civilians. The combination of ecomomic stressors, divorce and unemployment are feeling hopeless in our country. Complacency due to lack of confidence in our political system doesnt help either. Time for everyone to stand up and raise hell with your representatives. This America is NOT acceptable.

    • Okay help me out here-your comments regarding the “increase of middle aged civilians” relates to the alarming increase in Military Suicides how? Perhaps you meant to say “the increase in suicides among middle aged civilians” but unless that relates to say the family members of military veterans I am still at a loss as to how your comments relate to either the subject, and especially as this is a “military suicide” forum.

      CPT Blackadder

  2. During the first 4 months of 2013, the army reports 109 suicides among its three components.

    During the first 4 months of 2012, the Army reported 96 suicides among it’s three components.

    The interesting trend we are seeing though is that the suicides are increasing among Guard and Reserve troops, while AD numbers decreased by 8.

    Of course what most people will not even consider is the fact that with the aggressive and highly successful campaign to reduce active troop strength the Army should be expected to see less of its troops take themselves out.

    I am a bit surprised that our creative little army of PAO spin-doc’s have not already begun to deceptively spin the figures-but am sure we will see the fruits of their efforts in short order.

    The only way to help keep the public well informed is to insist that the military provide not simply the physical numbers of monthly suicides, but also the percentage of troops based on actual monthly troop strength, by component, which changes every day.

    Even doing this will not be enough, as there is much more information which should also be considered.

    CPT Blackadder

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