TMSR on Memorial Day

Since September 11, 2001, according to data published by the Veterans Administration and the Center for Disease Control, at least 100,000 veterans have taken their own lives. The actual number is certainly much higher than the current claims by the government PR people.

Very few Americans know this number.

Ask any random citizen to throw out a number; give a best guess. Nobody knows.

No news organization will talk about this number.


There is a reason … greed.

The ongoing tragic loss of veterans lives to suicide is saving the nation billions upon billions of dollars in medical bills. It amounts, really, to passive homicide in many cases.

So all the noise about preventing suicides among veterans is just that, “noise.”

TMSR has recently become aware that a handful of editors and publishers at major news organizations have been refusing publication of major journalistic efforts to report on the suicide epidemic in the veterans population; there are 24 million living veterans in America today. About 2.5 million served in the recent wars abroad.

America is being duped by the “free press,” and getting away with it.

Perhaps these editors and publishers have been ordered not to talk about the “100,000” number. Seems likely this is so. With the deregulation of media ownership laws in modern times, it would not be a shock to confirm such a suspicion.

It is more than curious that news reports on military and veterans suicide epidemic dramatically decreased in early 2013, the same time DoD/VA ceased regular public disclosure of suicide statistics. Several months later, the Public Relations departments at DoD/VA claimed fewer suicides in 2013.

Think about that for a moment.

The late President Kennedy once said America will pay any price to maintain liberty for Americans.

That sort of talk seems to have expired in America, in recent times.

Please, if anyone reads this, do something now to help a veteran suffering from the physical and psychological wounds they have acquired through their service.

Please take a few moments out of you busy lives to help them. Click the “take action” tab at the top of this page and let your elected leaders know you demand they take action now, and that your vote depends on it! After all, those people in government office work for the citizenry, so don’t be afraid to get tough.

Let them know that you know they have failed the veterans, and that they will be voted out of office if they don’t shape up yesterday.

For sick and injured veterans, it is not just “their” problem.

It is an “American problem.”