DEATH VOTE: Congress Wants Deadly Pharmaceutical Cocktails to Continue at VA, No Medical Cannabis For Vets

House Votes Down Equal Access Amendment That Would Have Allowed VA Doctors to Offer Medical Cannabis Treatment Option to Sick Vets

May 4, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Let the overdoses continue. That is what Congress voted for 213-210 when they failed to pass the Veterans Equal Access Amendment this week.

The amendment would have allowed VA doctors to recommend medical cannabis to patients — especially those suffering from PTSD — instead of the dangerous pharmaceutical drug cocktails now standard issue at VA hospitals.

At least 30 percent of new patients at VA have been diagnosed with PTSD. Most are treated with an often lethal mixed bag of prescription psychotropic drugs.

The standard VA drug cocktail nearly always combines the following:

SSRIs (Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac) for depression
Benzodiazapines (Klonapin, Ativan, Xanax) for anxiety
Cyclopyyrolones (Lunesta, Ambien) for insomnia
Trazadone for depression
Anti-psychotics (Seroquel, Risperdol, Abilify) for PTSD.

Patients with both PTSD and orthopedic injuries are also given powerful Opiod pain medications such as Oxycodone or Morphine. A high percentage of veterans suffer some sort of orthopedic injury during their military service, especially those in combat units.

Nearly all the listed pharmaceutical drugs above carry the FDA’s most serious warning (Black Box) label for dangerous side effects, especially for suicide ideation.

Congress’ vote against giving VA doctors the ability to offer a cannabis option to treat the symptoms of PTSD, and for use in pain management means veterans will continue getting bags of dangerous pills from VA that greatly increase the likelihood of toxic drug overdose and suicide.

Congress essentially voted to keep VA doctors in the business of killing veterans via “pharmacide.”

Medical cannabis used under a doctor’s supervision is proven safe and effective in a majority of patients suffering from the symptoms of PTSD and chronic pain. There are no known cases of overdose with cannabis therapy, and cannabis is not contraindicated with alcohol consumption.

At least 50 percent of new veterans self-report as frequent binge drinkers; having five or more drinks in a single drinking session.

All the above pharmaceutical drugs are not safe for use by patients who consume alcohol. They are nearly always deadly when combined with heavy alcohol consumption.

To read more from the Tech Times about Congress’ vote to keep VA doctors from recommending medical cannabis to sick and wounded veterans click here.


3 Responses

  1. Publish the $’s given the Congress to defeat health services for our Vets and families returning from the wars. We know Big Pharma, Psychiatry and Psychology have their protocol to Code, Label (psychic tattoo) and give cocktail meds to our vets, homeless and everyone they meet with. Repubs are always in this as their Vote is for Sale. We offer an intensive and extensive health program that works in our Alliance and those committed to improve with a Self Care Plan are very successful…..

  2. I know many will not like to hear this, but ‘medical marijuana’ is not the answer. Nor is the plethora of poisons that pharmaceutical industry wants you to take for the rest of your lives.

    What is the answer? The answer is that you need to start off on the path to living a chemical-free life. This is not an easy path to walk down for someone who knows nothing else but pill popping. But it’s what is required if you want clarity-of-mind.

    Having said that, if anyone should decide to wean themselves off pills and potions this needs to be done on a gradient, and preferably supervised by experienced persons who know what they’re doing. If I were in your shoes, I’d contact the folk at who have achieved the most successes in assisting people lead drug-free lives.

    • Thanks for your input and interest in what is going on within the veterans community. This issue of suicide is not going away any time soon. In 2014, the rate of suicide increased within the active duty ranks. Getting true figures is near impossible these days due to the crack down on public information release and pressure on commanders to reduce suicides. I suspect suicides are increasing more than we know. As for medical cannabis, it will save many lives. The side effects are few, and there is no overdose risk. So TMSR supports any effort to get sick veterans off of the very toxic pharma products and onto a much safer and effective medicine. And your point about stopping pharmaceuticals (especially the Benzodiazapines) gradually and with doctor supervision is right on point. Thanks for that.

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