PASSIVE HOMICIDE: Film Exposes Sinister VA/DoD Campaign to Induce Veterans Suicide via Drug Cocktails

THE HIDDEN ENEMY: a Documentary Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda

by the Citizens Commission for Human Rights
June 11, 2014

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*Editor’s Note: This film exposes a dark and sinister campaign by military and VA psychiatrists to prescribe dangerous drugs that are scientifically proven to induce suicide. The Military Suicide Report reached this conclusion several years ago, and now others are connecting the dots.

Please share this film with everyone you know as soon as possible. The lives of service members and all veterans depend on your assistance to help get this information out immediately to the general public.

At TMSR, the answer to the question “why” is obvious here … money. The government saves on average about $1.5 million each time a veteran or military member dies from suicide, or by any other means.

The campaign to encourage and induce suicide via pharmaceutical cocktails is by design.

Please take action today, and share the link to this film by any and all means possible.