GQ MAGAZINE: More Than 113,500 Suicides Among Veterans and Service Members Since 9/11

Editor’s Note: GQ Magazine published last month, an article detailing Iraq veteran Daniel Wolfe’s 2014 suicide that happened live on social media.

Part of Wolfe’s story was a graphic chart on the latest estimated number of veterans and service members dead from suicide.

GQ Magazine reports 113,500 estimated suicides since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began.

TMSR believes the number is far higher. GQ Magazine is one of very few news media publications to inform its audience to the seriousness of the suicide epidemic.

Most news editors quote the “22 a day” statistic. Few ever quote the “100,000 suicides” statistic.

Why is that? Why does the American citizenry not know the 100,000 suicides statistic?

TMSR praises GQ Magazine for publishing the larger statistic.

Will Americans notice? And, if they do notice … will they care?

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Click here to view the graphic chart.


ANOTHER VA SUICIDE: Marine Corps Veteran Shoots Self at Florida VA Hospital

Suicide at Florida VA Hospital Reveals Pain Among Veterans

by Howard Altman
The Tampa Tribune, Aug. 26, 2015

TAMPA, Fla. — Ever since leaving the battlefields of Vietnam in 1968, Marine Corps veteran Gerhard Reitmann struggled with the horrific memories of the things he did and saw.

“It was a rough one,” said his brother, Stephan Reitmann. “Emotionally, it did a number on his mind.”

Gerhard Reitmann had trouble holding a job. He often kept to himself and, until recently, cut himself off even from his family.

On Tuesday, Reitmann’s struggle ended.

The man who once served as a guard at Camp David during the term of President Richard Nixon apparently took his own life while parked in his car on the southeast side of the sprawling campus of the Bay Pines VA Medical Center near Tampa, Fla., shortly after noon, according to officials from Bay Pines and the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner’s Office.

It was near Building 37, which houses the hospital system’s human resources, environmental management and inspector general’s offices.

Bay Pines police are investigating,

Reitmann, of St. Petersburg, Fla., was 66.

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DEATH VOTE: Congress Wants Deadly Pharmaceutical Cocktails to Continue at VA, No Medical Cannabis For Vets

House Votes Down Equal Access Amendment That Would Have Allowed VA Doctors to Offer Medical Cannabis Treatment Option to Sick Vets

May 4, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Let the overdoses continue. That is what Congress voted for 213-210 when they failed to pass the Veterans Equal Access Amendment this week.

The amendment would have allowed VA doctors to recommend medical cannabis to patients — especially those suffering from PTSD — instead of the dangerous pharmaceutical drug cocktails now standard issue at VA hospitals.

At least 30 percent of new patients at VA have been diagnosed with PTSD. Most are treated with an often lethal mixed bag of prescription psychotropic drugs.

The standard VA drug cocktail nearly always combines the following:

SSRIs (Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac) for depression
Benzodiazapines (Klonapin, Ativan, Xanax) for anxiety
Cyclopyyrolones (Lunesta, Ambien) for insomnia
Trazadone for depression
Anti-psychotics (Seroquel, Risperdol, Abilify) for PTSD.

Patients with both PTSD and orthopedic injuries are also given powerful Opiod pain medications such as Oxycodone or Morphine. A high percentage of veterans suffer some sort of orthopedic injury during their military service, especially those in combat units.

Nearly all the listed pharmaceutical drugs above carry the FDA’s most serious warning (Black Box) label for dangerous side effects, especially for suicide ideation.

Congress’ vote against giving VA doctors the ability to offer a cannabis option to treat the symptoms of PTSD, and for use in pain management means veterans will continue getting bags of dangerous pills from VA that greatly increase the likelihood of toxic drug overdose and suicide.

Congress essentially voted to keep VA doctors in the business of killing veterans via “pharmacide.”

Medical cannabis used under a doctor’s supervision is proven safe and effective in a majority of patients suffering from the symptoms of PTSD and chronic pain. There are no known cases of overdose with cannabis therapy, and cannabis is not contraindicated with alcohol consumption.

At least 50 percent of new veterans self-report as frequent binge drinkers; having five or more drinks in a single drinking session.

All the above pharmaceutical drugs are not safe for use by patients who consume alcohol. They are nearly always deadly when combined with heavy alcohol consumption.

To read more from the Tech Times about Congress’ vote to keep VA doctors from recommending medical cannabis to sick and wounded veterans click here.