ANOTHER VA SUICIDE: Marine Corps Veteran Shoots Self at Florida VA Hospital

Suicide at Florida VA Hospital Reveals Pain Among Veterans

by Howard Altman
The Tampa Tribune, Aug. 26, 2015

TAMPA, Fla. — Ever since leaving the battlefields of Vietnam in 1968, Marine Corps veteran Gerhard Reitmann struggled with the horrific memories of the things he did and saw.

“It was a rough one,” said his brother, Stephan Reitmann. “Emotionally, it did a number on his mind.”

Gerhard Reitmann had trouble holding a job. He often kept to himself and, until recently, cut himself off even from his family.

On Tuesday, Reitmann’s struggle ended.

The man who once served as a guard at Camp David during the term of President Richard Nixon apparently took his own life while parked in his car on the southeast side of the sprawling campus of the Bay Pines VA Medical Center near Tampa, Fla., shortly after noon, according to officials from Bay Pines and the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner’s Office.

It was near Building 37, which houses the hospital system’s human resources, environmental management and inspector general’s offices.

Bay Pines police are investigating,

Reitmann, of St. Petersburg, Fla., was 66.

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2 Responses

  1. what will it take for the stupid v.a. and the people they hire to wake up I was in nam in 69 and have nothing but hard times from the v.a.

  2. WHAT is there to investigate? GOD! These people make me ill! Figure it out before the veterans in this country get their jaws out of joint! We are still losing Brothers and Sisters in Arms, and cannabis would help with that! You ignorant, moronic, greedy brainwashed, politicians! Either learn something, or get the hell out of office! Hurry up and do it, because we don’t want anymore of this!!! Senator Tom Cotton still needs to pick up on his cannabis knowledge, as does Sen Boozman, and Rep Bruce Westerman! They all stand with Governor Asa Hutchinson, being timid about changing the law, and actually refusing to help! There are Republicans who are fighting this, why on earth don’t they join them and help save our men and women!!! Them poison drugs DO NOT HELP!!! Get over yourselves, and RE-Legalize the cure!

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